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Selenium is an automated testing framework for web-based applications. It is not a single entity but comprises of many tools together such as the Selenium IDE which is nothing but the Selenium Integrated Development Environment, Selenium RC which is an acronym for Remote Control, Web Driver, and the Selenium Grid. Selenium is open source thereby being available for free of cost.

Selenium was developed by Jason Huggins in the year 2004. He developed selenium when he found out there has to be frequent manual tests on web applications, which was becoming more inefficient by the day. This paved the way for automation testing. He decided to make selenium open source so it can help in the automation testing of other web applications as well.


  • Selenium is available as an open source as it is available for free of cost, it has a huge advantage economically.
  • It can execute the scripts across any kind of browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, opera etc.
  • It supports all types of mobile devices.
  • It is very portable as in the script execution can be done in any type of operating system such as Mac OS, Linux, Unix etc.
  • Execution of the scripts is in many types of programming language such as Java, C, PERL, Python, Php and Ruby among others.
  • It uses very less hardware resources when compared to the other tools.
  • When using the Selenium Grid there are several tests which can be run concurrently at the same time make it more time saving and efficient.
  • It is more reliable than the other software automation tools.

These are the features which have made Selenium more popular and more sought after automation tool than others. We at Accord are the best selenium training institute in Chennai, come and get trained with us to learn the best automation training tool.Click here for Video Testimonials.


The course syllabus for Selenium in Accord which provides the best selenium testing training in Chennai was designed by professionals who are experts in the field of automation testing.


  • Basics of automation testing
  • Uses of automation testing
  • Different types of Automation Tools
  • Overview of selenium


  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium Grid


  • Installation of IDE
  • IDE icons and Context Menu
  • Assessors and action
  • Adding IDE comments
  • Synchronization of commands
  • Working on pages with AJAX
  • Storing elements and creation of test suites
  • Tools to identify elements/objects
  • Firebug
  • Finding elements by name, ID, link text, X Path, CSS
  • Special IDE commands
  • IDE script without record and playback


  • Installation of Java
  • Introduction to predefined packages
  • Data types and variables in Java


  • OOPS concepts
  • Class, objects, variables
  • Object
  • Local and static variables
  • Constructors, arrays, keywords, methods, Classes
  • Encapsulation, Abstraction, Collections, Interfaces
  • Inheritance and Types
  • Working with superclasses and subclasses
  • Polymorphism, overloading, overriding, and dynamic binding
  • Exception Handling
  • I/O using Java
  • File operations such as Create, Read, Write
  • Reading and writing data from Property files using java


  • The Architecture of Selenium web driver
  • To download web driver Jars and configuring in eclipse
  • Drivers for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android, IE etc
  • Difference between RC and WD
  • Installing and Configuring Eclipse for Web Driver


  • Edit box
  • Link, Button, Value, Checkbox
  • Display all values and selecting step by step values
  • Capturing screenshots
  • Synchronization Commands In Web Driver
  • Implicit and explicit wait, Web Driver wait
  • File upload and downloads
  • Handling alerts and confirmation messages
  • Keyboard and mouse actions
  • Handling I frames, multiple tabs, pop-ups, web tables
  • Preparation of web driver test cases
  • Data-Driven using Excel, Property File, XML & Database
  • Logging with Log4j


  • Establishment of Hub and Node
  • Integration of WebDriver and Grid


  • Introduction to Framework
  • Types of Frameworks
  • POM Design Pattern and advantages
  • Implementation of Project with POM Framework
  • Uses of framework
  • Development and Integration of a framework
  • Execution of scripts from a framework


  • Installation of TestNG plug-in in Eclipse
  • TestNG Annotations, Data Providers and sample script
  • Creating Test suites and Report generation using TestNG
  • Parameterized test cases using TestNG framework
  • Preparing TestNG Parallel Suite
  • Methods,Grouping in TestNG
  • TestNG in Listener Sample Program


  • Installation of Extent Report Plugin in Eclipse
  • Extent Report Implementation
  • Method in Extent Report


  • Jenkins and Maven Installation
  • Configuration of Maven Project
  • Integration of Maven project with Jenkins

By the end of the course which is very extensive, Selenium Coaching Institute in Chennai students become experts and gain mastery over selenium no wonder Accord is the best Selenium Testing Training in Chennai.Click here for Video Testimonials


Let's look at all the possibilities and scope the future holds once become a selenium automation tester.

As selenium has proved to be more efficient than manual testing, it has become a more preferable method of testing in the software industry. So there's always a need for a selenium tester in all of the IT companies.

Since it is open source, it is available for free of cost, it is more economical and all its various other features increases the scope of selenium.

It would give you an edge in interviews if you possess a certification course from a good institute and Accord is undoubtedly the best selenium training institute in Chennai.

When our students are done with certification course in Accord for Selenium training in Chennai, they are not just overwhelmed with offers and good salary package, they always get chosen for onsite opportunities as well.


Let us look at all the advantages and benefits you get from choosing to your selenium training in Chennai with us in Accord rather than any of the other institutes.

  • Accord has a huge team with more than 40 trainers who have many years of teaching experience and dealing with real-time applications. They work very hard in making Accord the best selenium training institute in Chennai.
  • In Accord, the method of teaching is not always theoretical, it's more of a practical kind of approach. Our center is spread over 7000 sq.Ft, provides the perfect ambiance for learning.
  • We have a student portal system to track the progress and assess our students, where all the details are loaded into the portal.
  • Our placement team with three senior officers makes sure that all our students are placed and they get unlimited interviews until then, no wonder we are the top rated selenium training in Chennai.
  • We have classes both on weekdays as well as on weekends with flexible timings to make sure that all our students find it easy to attend the classes.
  • All our students are equipped with the knowledge to face real-time problems.

What are you still waiting for? Come and register with us at Accord, the best selenium training institute in Chennai.Click here for Video Testimonials.

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