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PHP is an acronym for hypertext preprocessor. Hypertext as in web markup in text and is then processed and then sent to the browser. It is a server side scripting language which is mostly used in creating interactive and dynamic web pages. PHP is very widely used as its free of cost since its open source. It was developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. As the processing happens on the client machine and not on the server it is said to be pre-processed scripting language.

Even though it was created over two decades ago, it is used in most common and frequently used popular applications such as Facebook and Twitter also search engines like yahoo. Wordpress which runs most of the blog content and Wikipedia also use PHP. All the popular applications using PHP goes on to prove how powerful and efficient it is. Even with the advent of other programming languages, we can be assured that PHP is here to stay.


  • It is very simple and easy to learn, even a beginner who is new to programming can learn it quickly.
  • As PHP is open source it is free of cost to download and use thereby making it most economical.
  • It is faster thereby making it more efficient than most other scripting languages.
  • It can run on any kind of platforms such as Linux, Mac OS, Unix or Windows as it platform independent.
  • It supports all the databases like MySQL, Sybase, and Oracle among many others.
  • It has a superior syntax and is not case sensitive, unlike other scripting languages.
  • With PHP, deployment of code is very easy and it takes very less time to build an application with it.
  • The only three components required to run the PHP are the web browser, database, and a parser.
  • It can encrypt the data or restrict access to certain parts thereby making it more secure.
  • It can handle forms and perform system functions such as to create, read or write.
  • PHP is very flexible as we can modify the database through it and is very forgiving.
  • There is a constant development of PHP framework which makes that it becomes more stable and powerful scripting language.

These are all the feature which make PHP very popular. We can see that many millions of web applications are built with it. Its no wonder that even all the famous applications such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Vimeo, Wordpress etc prefer Wordpress over other scripting languages.


  • All the trainers at our center have many years of teaching experience. They strive hard to ensure that Accord provides the best PHP certification courses in Chennai.
  • We have over 40 trainers therefore we do not try to cram in many students in a single batch. We ensure that there‚Äôs personal attention for all of them.
  • To give you an edge over the others who appear for an interview it is essential that you hold a certification from Accord which is the top-rated PHP certification in Chennai.
  • The training at Accord is not just theory based and classroom type of teaching, it is more of a practical kind where all the students get more knowledge on handling the practical real-world applications.
  • Our placement team which is headed by three senior officers makes sure that all our students are placed in the best IT companies, which is why you should do a PHP course in Chennai at Accord.
  • The concepts are simplified in such a manner that even a newbie to programming also can understand it and become an expert over the duration of the course such as the capacity of our trainers to ensure all our students get a good PHP training in Chennai.
  • Our trainers constantly encourage and motivate all our students to build their own web application by careful hand holding.
  • There's always a two-way communication at all out our classes so as to prevent boredom, retain the attention of students and ensuring that all the students have understood the concepts.
  • Our center is spread over a wide area of over 7000 sq.Ft, which provides a very pleasing and relaxed ambiance for our students to learn practically in well air-conditioned rooms.


At accord the training course is set in a way such that, it does not matter even if you are a beginner at programming language, we make sure that you master it with the best PHP certification in Chennai. The PHP course has been designed by professionals in such a way that it meets the industry standards.


  • Introduction to HTML 5
  • Semantic elements
  • Forms
  • Structured web page
  • Multimedia
  • Web storage
  • API


  • Introduction to css
  • Selector and pseudo classes
  • Effects of fonts and texts
  • Images, masks and gradients
  • Box and border effect
  • Layout
  • Transition and Animation
  • Embedding Data


  • Introduction to javascripts
  • Functions
  • Inbuilt methods
  • Events
  • Arrays and objects
  • Conditional and loop statements


  • Introduction to DOM
  • Finding HTML element
  • Modifying HTML elements
  • Adding or Deleting HTML elements
  • Event Listener

Basics of MySQL:

For a better understanding of PHP it is very important to understand MySQL too, so in this module, we will deal mostly with the basics of it such as to create a database and all aspects with respect to the database table.

Usage of PHP in accessing MySQL

  • Connecting PHP and MySQL
  • Retrieving the data and working on it
  • Creation, modification, and deletion of records with PHP
  • Escape string
  • Introduction of Prepared statements
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Installation of PHP
  • Initial steps
  • Embedding of the PHP code on a page
  • Outputting of the dynamic text
  • Operation trail
  • Insertion of the code comments

Data types in PHP

  • Strings and string functions
  • Arrays and Array functions
  • Variables
  • Floating points
  • Integers
  • Type juggling
  • Constants
  • Casting
  • Boolean
  • Null and empty

Operator in PHP

  • Arithmetic operator
  • Comparison operator
  • Concatenation operator
  • Assignment operator
  • Logical operator

Logical Expressions in PHP

  • Logical operator
  • If, else and if else statement
  • Switch statement

Loops in PHP

  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Break
  • Continue
  • Foreach loop
  • Array pointers

User defined function in PHP

  • Defining function
  • Scope of variable
  • Function argument and return values
  • Multiple return value
  • Setting the default argument value

Debugging in PHP

  • Common problems in debugging
  • Troubleshooting while debugging
  • Errors and warnings

Building the Web Pages with PHP

  • URL and links
  • GET values usage
  • Encoding HTML and GET values
  • Modification of headers
  • Returning values from functions
  • Default argument value
  • Redirection of pages
  • Buffering of output

Form data and form in PHP

  • Building a form
  • GET and POST
  • Form handling
  • Processing of single page form
  • Uploading the form
  • Validation of form values
  • Validation logic and its problems
  • Display of validation error
  • Single page form with validation
  • Custom Validation of functions

Cookies in PHP

  • Creation of a cookie
  • Retrieval of the cookie value
  • Deletion of the cookie

Sessions in PHP

  • Beginning a session
  • Storage of variable
  • Deleting a session

Some advanced PHP techniques

  • Usage of variables
  • Reference for function arguments and reference values
  • Request and server variable
  • Formatting of time and date
  • Scope of static and global variable
  • Reference assignment

The PHP course material covers all the concepts of PHP in an extensive way so that the students will find it very easy to build an application with it when they are done with all the classes at Accord which is the best PHP course in Chennai. When you drop by at our office all our trainers will be more than happy to explain in detail about the syllabus for the PHP course.

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PHP training Accordittraining
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