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If you answered yes, to all the above questions, then we have the perfect and best solution for you. It is ACCORD the best Java training institute in Chennai.

Learn Core Java Training in Chennai from Accord which is the best java training institute in Chennai. Be job ready with our certification courses. Register with us today if you want to learn either just the basics and the core of java or J2EE which is advanced java training as we provide you with the best java courses in Chennai.


Java is the most popular and widely used among all the programming languages, as it is very secure and powerful because of its various features. It was created over two decades ago in the early 90’s.Java was developed by Sun Microsystems. Millions and millions of application run on Java, right from mobile phones to laptops to supercomputers. Even though Java is more than 20 years old is considered by the software development industry as evergreen as it is the most used programming language for developing applications. It is because of its various features such as security, portability, and robustness. Due to this, there is a very high demand for J2EE and Java developers for developing new applications and not just that but to maintain the existing applications as well.

To meet the constantly growing requirement in the software industry for Java professionals we at Accord offer a wide range of Java courses in Chennai. Our trainers who have multiple years of experience in the best companies help in preparing the syllabus and course material for us. We provide the best Core Java Training In Chennai as our students are placed in all the leading software companies. It is a great opportunity for our students to learn from the professionals and to gain more insight from them.

To get more information and details about the course and the companies that our students are placed in, kindly drop into our office. Also, our trainers would be happy to help you in assigning you to the course that is best suited for you.

All our course materials at Accord which has the best java courses in Chennai are designed in such a way that you develop your skills and master it in developing a new application. Accord which provides the best core java training also enables the students in using advanced versions such as J2ME, J2SE, and J2EE.

We don’t just stop with that, we also provide kits which help in solving real-world practical problems. This ensures that they fulfil all the requirements and are equipped with the knowledge and practical exposure to handle any kind of issues that may arise in the IT industry. There's no doubt we are the best java training institute in Chennai.

Get trained with us at Accord to become the most sought after Java Professional. Click here for Video Testimonials.

Why ACCORD is the best Java training center in Chennai and reasons to choose us:

  • We provide the best java certification in Chennai, as we are pioneers in the field for over 13 years and provide the best kind of training experience for our students.
  • We are very proud of infrastructure which is spread across over 7000sq.Ft, thereby creating the best kind of ambiance which is suitable for our students for good practical exposure.
  • We have a huge team of over 40 trainers who are very efficient and experienced in the courses they teach and provide in-depth and intensive coaching to our students.
  • We regularly track the progress of our students and assess them with our dedicated student portal. Assessments are done before the interviews and the details are shared in the portal.
  • Our experienced placement team which consists of three placement senior officers ensure that all our students are placed by providing them with unlimited interviews. Our students are flooded with opportunities from over 430+ top IT companies.

The testimonies of our placed students are the proof of our success as the best java training center in Chennai. Do check out our students video testimonies to understand why we are the most recommended Core Java Training In Chennai.

Syllabus for JAVA:

We at Accord pride ourself on providing students with the best java certification in Chennai. The proof of it lies in the way our syllabus has been formulated.

The syllabus begins with the basics of java and its concepts. There are many modules to the syllabus. It can be altered as per as your wish and requirements. When you visit our office you can discuss with our trainers to get a better idea and they will help you in formatting the syllabus which is best suited for you. Here is the list of modules that will be handled by us,

  • Basics of Java
  • Access specifiers
  • Abstraction
  • Array
  • Access level
  • Casting
  • Collection framework
  • Class and objects
  • Constructor
  • Encapsulation
  • Java beans
  • Java I/O
  • Exception handling
  • JDBC
  • Garbage collection
  • SQL and PL
  • String, Stringbuffer, and StringBuilder
  • OOPS concept
  • Wrapper classes
  • Interfaces
  • Packages
  • Data type, Variables, Method
  • Polymorphism
  • Java Networking
  • Java threads

All the modules are covered in an extensive manner and we ensure that our students have a complete in-depth understanding, thereby helping them in creating their own Java applications. This is why we are the best Java training institute in Chennai.Click here for Video Testimonials

Scope Of JAVA:

Java has a lot of features such as security, portability and many more, therefore, no one can deny that Java is the best ever thing that's been around for the development of applications. The ecosystem of Java is very sustainable especially with respect to the middleware and the mobility as in both the basic configurations which is CLDC which stands for connected limited device configuration and MIDP which stands for mobile inform device profile, of all devices, is supported.

Java is a favourite among all the programmers due to its portability and its platform independence as in it can run on any device without taking into account its operating system. Java owes its platform independence feature to the byte code. This makes java very user-friendly. No wonder its the most preferred programming language among the application developers of the IT industry.

Java even though has been created over two decades ago has managed to survive all these years. In spite of the advent of numerous programming language over all these years, Java has managed to hold its ground and remain strong. This goes on to show that Java is here to stay for a long time, it will remain the most preferred programming language for years to come.

It is a very common fact that Java developers have been paid well and have a very good package than those with other specializations. The value only keeps increasing after the successful completion of each project. Every Java project which is completed right ends up being a valuable addition.

These days just technical knowledge alone doesn’t suffice to get hold of a good job in the field java. When the knowledge is coupled with a certification course from a good training center then it becomes an unbeatable combination. Also since Accord is the best training center for Java in Chennai, it will give our students an edge over the others who are applying for the same job.

Java is not vogue in just our country or city, scores of companies who are located abroad are always on the lookout for good java developer. So when you are done with your certification with us for Java and J2EE, there are plenty of chances that you will land with an onsite opportunity as a java developer sooner than later as we provide the best java certification in Chennai.

As enticing as all these sounds, it is not easy to land a good job offer unless you have an extensive and in-depth understanding of all the concepts and modules of not just Java but J2EE as well. This, in turn, can be achieved only when trained with us Accord which provides the best core java training in Chennai.

There's also the other option of being a freelance java application developer, which allows you the independence to work at your own pace. Therefore the advantages of learning Java doesn’t stop with just getting hired by a good IT company.

By going through all the advantages of Java there's no doubt that it's a decision which one will not regret. Also without any second thought get enrolled with us for our certification courses as we are the best Java training center in Chennai.

J2EE training at Accord:

Students who have mastered the concepts of Java and want to proceed further will learn J2EE training from us. J2EE is nothing but java 2 enterprise edition. It is platform independent. It is most commonly used in enterprises for developing applications. The services that are included in J2EE are API which stands for application programming interface and other protocols for applications which are web-based. The syllabus designed for J2EE are as follows:

  • HTML
  • AJAX
  • JDBC
  • EJB
  • HTML5
  • JSTL
  • JSP
  • MVC

All these concepts differ from Java and can be best explained when you come to our office and meet our trainers in person. You can also be assured that you are getting the best training in Chennai for J2EE by our experts at Accord. Click here for Video Testimonials.

  • EJB component implementation
  • EJB component types
  • EJB transaction attribute value
  • EJB container services
  • Stateless session beans
  • Stateful session beans
  • Enterprise Javabeans components

Spring Framework

Hibernate Framework

Struts Framework

Learnings from Accord best Java training center in Chennai

  • Complete understanding of all the concepts which are advanced such java threading.
  • Learning to manage and store data and also use collections
  • Learning about RMI which is remote method invocation
  • Enhance knowledge of client-server interaction which happens through sockets.
  • Learning to use SQL standard query Language and to integrate all the databases.
  • Understanding JDK framework and creating a Java application
  • By honing the skills of all the basic and advanced concepts of java thereby giving them an extensive knowledge on how to program with java ensuring that developing applications becomes easy.
Advantages of choosing Accord, the best java training institute in Chennai:
  • We ensure that all our students are placed in the best companies, we are very confident of this as they are equipped with the best java certification in Chennai.
  • We make sure that all are classes are not just the theoretical classroom type ones and provide equal if not more emphasis in the practical training.
  • Our team of 40 trainers have excellent knowledge in real-time applications with teaching experience of more than a decade.
  • All are trainers provide rigorous training to all our students to make them experts in Java and J2EE. This is possible only because we provide the best Core Java Training In Chennai.
  • All our students are very confident to take over any kind of java project and completing it better and more successfully than others.
  • We conduct constant tests to help us gauge the level of understanding by the students. This makes sure that they understand all the concepts in and out.
  • All our trainers are highly knowledgeable and who doesn’t just stop with teaching the concepts, they also teach the students on how to tackle the issues which arise in the project.
  • We offer you choices with respect to timings and the course. You could choose the course in such a way that you can learn at your own pace. You could choose either weekday or weekend classes based on your convenience.
  • We are very particular about interactivity in all our online sessions, this ensures that the student gets all the doubts cleared and helps the trainer to understand if the student is clear about the concept. It's never a one-way teaching.
  • Working on real-time practical problems to get a wider understanding of all the problems faced.

So what are you still waiting for?? Call us to know more details or it would be even better and more beneficial to you if you drop by our office to get a better idea on why you should enroll with us as we are the top java training center in Chennai.

We assure you of not just a job but also a strong expertise in Java. Get your dreams of mastering the most sought-after programming language fulfilled.Click here for Video Testimonials.

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