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Do you want to flooded with job opportunities?

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Come to us Accord, the best Dot Net training center in Chennai. We will make you realise your dreams:

DOT NET is nothing but a software framework that helps in building and implementing web applications and software. It is developed and maintained by Microsoft, therefore it is easier to build software and other application which is meant to run on windows with the .NET platform. Though it was developed in the early 90’s, it was not released until 2000.

Some of the companies that use DOT NET are Microsoft, Deloitte, HP, MySpace, AT&T, Verizon, Intel and Bank of America among others. All these popular and commonly used websites making use of the DOT NET technology only goes on to show the power of DOT NET framework.

The .NET framework has a set of libraries supporting many languages such as Visual Basic, C# and many others. Since it is supported by Microsoft, they provide many updated applications to integrate the framework. This helps in building dynamically alluring web pages with more efficiency and with stability and in an economical manner.

All the programs executed in the DOT NET framework are executed by the software and not on the hardware side which happens usually. This done using the CLR which is the acronym for Common Language Runtime for providing exception handling, more security and memory management by freeing up of the unwanted objects through garbage collection. It includes a Framework Class Library which provides database connectivity, network communication, Data access, and cryptography among others. The software is created by combining the source code of different programming language with the Dot Net framework due to the integrated environment provided by Microsoft.

The Dot Net framework is made of common language runtime and the framework class library. The source code which is written with the Dot Net is known as the Managed code. Click here for Video Testimonials


Some of the salient features of .NET which makes it more powerful are,

  • Interoperability were in the computer system there's a communication between the older and new applications.
  • Portability where this framework is used across all platform and can run on any of the operating systems.
  • Language independence because of the common type system where the data types are defined.
  • It provides an integrated, object oriented, consistent and a well managed environment.
  • Type safety where wrong method invocations and memory size issues while addressing an object is prevented.
  • Security is maintained with two features which are code access security, and verification and validation.
  • The DOT NET framework possess better interface controls and provides more scalability and stability.
  • Memory management feature where the garbage collector feature repeatedly frees up the data objects which are not needed.
  • It is simple to make changes dynamically and edit the content for any of the dynamic web pages.
  • It is a server side technology and can be integrated very easily with any of the Microsoft applications.

These are some of the features which make DOT NET the best framework for the development of web application.


Let us look at the future scope for the DOT NET developer in their career,

  • DOT NET framework is the most leading when it comes to web application development. So there will always be a need for good DOT NET developers.
  • DOT NET helps in building the web applications in accordance with needs, it may be either a business model, content management or social networking website. This lets the DOT NET developer have various choice of fields to choose from.
  • DOT NET allows the usage of a portal for payment gateway this feature is so useful for all the e-commerce websites. Some of the popular websites that make use of DOT NET are Amazon and eBay. This goes on to show how powerful and popular DOT NET is for the current software industry.
  • DOT NET developers work with many tools due to which they have a very logical and strategic way of thinking which helps them in getting adjusted to any kind of programming framework tool.
  • More than half of all the websites in the world use the DOT NET technology, this proves how dynamic and powerful this framework is.
  • DOT NET developers don’t always have work for someone, they always have the option of going freelance and doing their own projects.
  • There's always a huge difference between the demand and the supply of DOT NET developers, therefore those with good knowledge and experience are paid and remunerated very well.

By going through the scope of DOT NET developers you would have wanted to become one too.Well, it's very simple, just come and register with us at Accord, the best Asp.Net Training In Chennai.


Let's have a look at some of the reasons on why you should choose Accord which has the best Dot Net classes in Chennai.

The syllabus for DOT NET is continuously updated so that to matches with the current version of .NET and also matches the standards of the IT industry. The syllabus is so extensive that any the end of the course our students are equipped with enough knowledge to build their own web application.

Accord is the best Dot Net Training and Placement in Chennai. Because with our placement headed by three senior officers we ensure that all our students get infinite interview opportunities until they are placed.

When you look at the testimonies of the previously placed students, you would understand why we are the most recommended Dot Net Coaching centers in Chennai.

We provide our students the option of flexible timing as in maybe on the weekday or weekend also they get to choose the pace of the class.

At the time of placement, all the companies look for a certification course as they make the students specialize in a subject, which is not possible in the academic course. Possessing a certificate from Accord will give you an edge over the other students as we are well known for Dot Net Training in Chennai.

Since all our trainers have teaching experience of nearly 10 years in the field of Dot Net, they have a vast experience in handling real world applications.


The course syllabus for DOT NET framework has been designed by a panel of experts who have an experience of more than a decade as a DOT NET developer. We make sure that we provide the best Dot Net course in Chennai.

To become an expert in DOT NET one has to have a little basic knowledge on C#, Javascript, HTML among others. We at Accord, make sure that you learn thats e complete and in depth course and that is why we are the best Dot Net training centre in Chennai. Click here for Video Testimonials


  • CLR which is Common Language Runtime
  • CLS which is Common Language Specification
  • CTS which is Common Type System
  • MSIL which is Microsoft Intermediate Language
  • Managed code
  • JIT which is Just in Time compiler
  • Assembly and its types
  • Garbage collection
  • GAC which is Global Assembly Cache


  • Overview of C# fundamentals
  • Concepts of Object oriented programming
  • Inheritance
  • Types of inheritance
  • Single level inheritance
  • Multi level inheritances
  • Polymorphism
  • Method overloading
  • Operator overloading
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Compile time polymorphism
  • Runtime polymorphism
  • Delegates and events
  • File system and streams
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Properties
  • Generics


  • Private
  • Protected
  • Internal
  • Protected internal


  • Basics of class
  • Creating a class


  • Basics of object
  • Creating an object


  • Try block
  • Finally block
  • Catch block

ASP which stands for Active server pages is nothing but a web development platform providing a programming model with a good interface for building web applications. It is a part of the Microsoft DOT NET framework.

All the web application that is built with ASP.NET are data-driven and interactive, also they involve a lot of control function such as labels, buttons and Text boxes.

Accord provides top rated ASP .NET training in Chennai. Let us look at the course syllabus that will be covered:

  • Basics of ASP.NET
  • Lifecycle of ASP.NET
  • State management techniques in ASP.NET
    • Sessions
    • Cookies
    • Applications
    • ViewState
    • HiddenField
  • UserControl
    • Creating a user control
    • Uses of user control
  • Custom control
    • Creating a custom control
    • Uses of custom control
  • GridView
    • Insertion of a record
    • Editing a record
    • Updation of a record
    • Deleting a record
  • Repeater control
  • File uploading
  • Security in ASP.NET
    • Profile
    • Authentications
    • Authorisation
  • Basics of Ajax
  • Overview of Three tier architecture
  • Interaction between the layers
  • Fundamentals of ADO .NET
  • Modes- Connected and disconnected
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Programming with ADO .NET
  • Databases introduction
  • RDBM-Relational database Management concepts
  • Stored Procedure
  • Triggers
  • Types of functions

The syllabus our center is very extensive and once you go through with our intensive training with our trainers, you can be very confident enough to build your own web application. Also, the trainers at our center would be glad to assist you with any query which you have with respect to the course.


Among many other Dot Net Training Centes, we can proudly call ourselves as the Best Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai because of the following features.

  • We have a tie up with more than 430 top It companies, thereby ensuring that all our students are placed in the best companies of their choice.
  • We maintain a proper student to teacher ratio as we do not want to cram all our students in a single class as our aim is to make sure that the students have understood their concepts.
  • In all our classes we encourage two way communication so that the classes become more interactive and interesting. It also helps in retaining the attention of the students.
  • We want our students to be independent and therefore we provide a practical approach for all our classes and make them solve real world problems. This way we can assure ourselves that our students are job ready and to prove that provide the best Dot Net training in Chennai.
  • Our center is spread across over a massive 7000 sq.Ft to provide a very good ambiance for our students. All our labs are air-conditioned and well maintained with state of the art technology. This ensures that we provide the best practical training for our students.
  • We continually track our Best Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai students and assess them and load the details in our student portal system. We upload all the other interview details in our portal as well.
  • We don’t just provide theoretical knowledge for our students, we help them develop other skills to face their interviews successfully, with the right amount of handholding.
  • All our students get to face infinite interviews until they are placed.
  • Our students get to decide the pace of the class they want in the course they are undergoing. They could either choose the fast track if they are familiar with the basics or could go at a slower pace and get stronger in the foundation.
  • To make it easy for all our students to attend their classes with ease we have flexible timings where they can choose between weekdays, weekends and timings according to their schedule.
  • Take a look at all the video testimonials ball the previously placed students which will prove all our claims and make you understand why we are the most recommended Dot Net Coaching center in Chennai.

After going through all the above you would have been convinced why you should do your Dot Net certification with us as we are undoubtedly the best Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai.

Just drop into our office where our trainers would be more than happy to explain more clearly and all in detail about all the aspects of the Dot Net course.Click here for Video Testimonials



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Dot net training Accordittraining
Dot net training Accordittraining
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